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Fitpolo Fiteness Tracker H705

Activity and sleep monitor,heart rate tracking,smart phone notification,clock setting and sedentary reminder

20 Reviews

$ 28.99


12 Months Quality Guarantee



Set a goal and Fitpolo will keep you updated with your hart rate, steps,calories,distance and activity time

Real Time Heart Rate Monitor

Double chips for precision assurance

Sleep Recorder

Get to know your sleep status from data record and adjust your sleep time


Never miss one call and message

Sedentary Reminder

Remind you of exercise

Multiple Colors

Four colors option to make your life colorful


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1.How is it charged? Is charger included?

-It’s included,just pull the bands off the tracker and insert the built-in plug USB into a USB port.

2.How long is the charger time and battery life?

-The charger time is 2 hours and the battery life is more than 7 days.

3.Must I bring phone with me to have the GPS tracking?


4.Is this fitbit android or IOS?

-Bothe of them are available.

5.How long is the warranty?

-12 Months

Smart APP

Abundant APP functions, interface is simple and easy to use. Let you Love sports, love challenge

Pairing instructions

How to charge