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Fitpolo Weighted Jump Rope

Adjustable Skipping Ropes with Memory Foam Handles and Weighted Speed Cable for Men/Women/Kids – Best for Speed Jumping,Cardio Training, Home Workouts, Boxing,MMA

177 Reviews



Products Description

Fitpolo strives to provide the high-end fitness equipment ,specialized in Jump Rope and Fitness Tracker . Our brand slogan is“DO SPORTS”, The main goal is to give customers a healthy body . It is our top priority to help individuals and athletes of all skill level reach their peek performance

Why not Skip Now ?

Skipping is a full body exercise. Stick to long hours of exercise. Not only can you exercise muscles but also slim down. Our jump rope is great for fitness workouts, cardio training, Jumping Exercise, Crossfit, Skipping, MMA, Boxing, speed training, Calves, thigh and forearm strengthening, leg training and endurance training

Fitpolo – The best choice for Sports & Outdoor

Get In Shape the Easy Way with Fitpolo !



1.  Is the weight in the handles or is it in the rope itself?

-It is in the handles. You can take them out if you wish

2. Is this really “tangle free”?

-Yes it is tangle free. The ball bearings in each handle allow for the rope to spin freely without twisting.

3.Can the rope handle outside winter weather?

-The rope can take quite a beating and is fine in the winter weather.

4.Can I get different weights to make it heavier?

-As long as the weights fit into the handles you can use them.

5.Is this jump rope adjustable?

-Yes, it’s totally adjustable to the height you want for adults and children.

6.Is this rope good for cross overs?

-This rope is perfect for crossovers.

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