Fitpolo Fiteness Tracker H707

8 sports modes and step tracking,sleep and heart rate monitor,smart phone notification,clock and stop watch setting,sedentary reminder with multi-dial selection

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12 Months Quality Guarantee


More activity data wins you the marathon champion

One more km achieved means the nearer of the destination, H707 track your distance,steps and calories as your best activity tracker

H707 is not just a running watch

It also keep you fit in Running,Walking,Cycling,Hiking,Yoga,Basketball,Football,Rope skipping

Stay connected to the wold

Incoming call, Message, SMS reminder. Make sure not missing any improtant information

Enhanced health & wellness support

24/7 Heart rate:Wear H707 all day and night to record your heart rate and adjust your sports amounts over time.

24/7 Sleeping:Better know your deep and light sleeping quality and keep a good resting habit

Breath training:With a H707 on your wrist,Fitpolo can be your best breath trainning coach
It's a fitness watch with sedentary reminder

H707 wake you up every day and remind you of sedentary,never worry about forgetting to exercise or drink water

Multiple color & Various Dials Display

The best match as a fashion and fitness watch


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1.How is it charged? Is charger included?

-It’s included,just pull the bands off the tracker and insert the built-in plug USB into a USB port.

2.How long is the charger time and battery life?

-The charger time is 2 hours and the battery life is more than 7 days.

3.Must I bring phone with me to have the GPS tracking?


4.Is this fitbit android or IOS?

-Bothe of them are available.

5.How long is the warranty?

-12 Months

Smart APP

Abundant APP functions, interface is simple and easy to use. Let you Love sports, love challenge

Pairing instructions

USB Plug-Type Charger

No need cable, easy to charge at any time. Durable battery, supporting time using.