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Fitpolo Fiteness Tracker H701

Activity and sleep monitor,heart rate tracking,smart phone notification,clock setting and sedentary reminder

20 Reviews

$ 24.99


12 Months Quality Guarantee



High precision acceleration sensor, FITPOLO reliable filtering anti-jamming technology. Let fitplo fitness tracker accuracy rate is over 90%

Heart Rate Monitor

Track your body status and prevent cardiovascular disease

Sleep Recorder

Track time in light,deep and REM sleep stage to form a good sleep habit


Never miss one call and message

Sedentary Reminder

Remind you of exercise

Multiple Colors

Varieties of colors smart bands, make your life colorful


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1.How is it charged? Is charger included?

-It’s included,just pull the bands off the tracker and insert the built-in plug USB into a USB port.

2.How long is the charger time and battery life?

-The charger time is 2 hours and the battery life is more than 7 days.

3.Must I bring phone with me to have the GPS tracking?


4.Is this fitbit android or IOS?

-Bothe of them are available.

5.How long is the warranty?

-12 Months

Smart APP

Abundant APP functions, interface is simple and easy to use. Let you Love sports, love challenge

Pairing instructions

How to charge