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Phone Camera Lens kit

16X Zoom Universal Telephoto Lens+198°Fisheye+0.63X W ide&15X Macro+CPL&Star Filter with Tripod/Lens Clip/Zipper Case Compatible iPhone/Samsung/Android Phones

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6 IN 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit:

With it,simply attach any lens to your phone in seconds. No need to carry heavy camera lens to go out anymore. It can take travel snapshots, wide scenery, close-ups, funny round pictures, distance shooting and unique selfies, meeting your daily photography demands. You will fall in love with photography

What are included in a package:

This cellphone lens kit includes 16X telephoto zoom lens, 198°fisheye lens, 0.63X 4K super wide angle lens & 15X macro lens, CPL, Star Filter, tripod, lens clip and portable zipper case

16X Telescope Zoom Lens:

With it, you’ll be able to get 16X closer to the subject of your photo without physically moving. The focus ring enables adjustment by hand freely.You can change the focus of the image to make better effects and zoom in on distant subjects and get that high resolution picture even from a far

Multi-function in one design:

Convenient for you to take a variety of styles of photos. 0.63X wide angle lens can expand the angle of view, which is great for group shot, wide scenery; 15X Macro Lens lead you closer the natural’s wonderful details; 198°fisheye lens create the funny rounded images; CPL- eliminate reflected light and create beautiful colors. Star Filter is dramitic multi-point light flares, it’s great for capture with strong specular highlights or reflection

Wide Compatibility:

Universal detachable clamp design, work on most popular brands and models of smart phones and tablets, including iPhone Xs Max, X, 8, 7, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, Samsung Note, Galaxy S8+, S8, S7, S7 Edge, iPad and more.Every camera lens has soft rubber, guarding against bumps and scratches on your phone

Products Description

6 IN 1 Camera Lenses Kit turns ordinary pictures into artworks. Whether you’re traveling, hiking or out with friends, you can change these lens freely, perfect for taking photos . Add to your cart, enjoy the high quality technical image effect now!


The 16x telephoto can used as a telescope which great for watching the ball game, seaside,concert,sightseeing and so on

The fisheye len can create interesting tubby images; CPL lens filter out scattered light, reduce reflection

The macro lens is used for taking extreme close-up pictures of verysmall objects; wide-angle lens helps shot more landscape, which brings you into an amazing world

Star filter adds a dramatic Star flare to very bright areas. ldeal for photographs of night scene and ladies wearing jewellery or other objects with strong reflections


15x macro lens and 0.63x wide lens is screw together upon receival, unscrew the wide lens, you can get the macrolens

When you use the fisheye lens, there are dark corner on the picture

When using macro lens to shoot, it’s normal to become blur at the begining. You need to put your smartphone very close to the object being photographed, the distance is about 1-3cm,only in this way,the mobile phones can be achieved focus

What you get



1. Will this work with an iPhone 10S?

-Yes, it can work on any phones and tablets.
And please aim the lens on the main camera lens.
For your convenience, here is the steps to attach the lens:
①Adjust the clip slowly, the metal ring can move along the groove, make sure the lens is centered over your phone’s camera.
②Tighten the clip screws to stabilize the clips
③Attach the lens onto your mobile phone with the lens over your phone’s camera.

2.Will this work on a moto z droid?

-Yes, it can ,the package come with a big clip which has a moveable ring to adjust the position.
But please align our lens to the center of the phone camera.
And for taking better pictures, it is recommended to take off the protective case.

3.Does it work on my ipad?

-It can work on ipad and ipad mini , it also works in cell phone front camera , you also can make video by it.

4.Can it pass by a Metal detector for a. Concert?

-Yes, the main material of our 12X lens is optical glass and plastic, can pass the metal detector for a concert.

5.Does this item allow in sports or concert arena?

-Yes, we think you can use our lens for most sports or concert arena, but it depends on the rules of the arena.

6.Can you use this with a phone case or do you have to take it off first?

You can use it with or without the case as long as the case doesn’t block the camera lens.

7. Does the Bluetooth remote work to take photos with iPhones?

Yes, bluetooth remote work to take photo for iphones

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